I took my eyes away from my desktop to think about what I wanted to write to you about. Because it is part of my regular schedule of work, talking about Instagram and cooking up new stories kind of comes naturally to me by now. But just moments before I finally sat down to write this post for you, I came up with a very important theme. I call it the enjoyment factor. If you have no qualms about promoting yourself on Instagram, then you should have little trouble learning how to increase followers on Instagram. These are your much needed platform participants that will willingly or unwittingly end up boosting your profile to target markets.

Make no bones about it, I really enjoy my work these days. Yes, it’s true that rewards rather than risks (or should I say throwing caution to the wind only to fail not much later), motivate a guy like me to get out of bed in the morning. And I’m one of those guys who sometimes wants to just roll over and get another forty winks. A story for another day, chaps. Anyways, there’s at least four things you’ll need to be working on to help you rake in your new followers. And one of those essential tasks I consider to be my favorite.

I always look forward to it. It can happen at any time of the day. I keep irregular hours, you see. It can be this way when you’re working for yourself. They say you are self-employed. I like to think of it more along the lines of being self-empowered. Work on your brand, tell your story, connect with the right people on Instagram and buy your followers already, and you’ll be on your way towards realizing the positive returns. More followers to you. More power to you. How self-empowering is that?

And the task I really enjoy the most? Telling my stories. If you’re not gifted with the pen, that’s okay because you can learn. And it’s really not that hard at all. Instagram’s got a great tool called, wait for it, Instagram Stories. You can hardly go wrong. You might not be so choicy or choosy with words just yet, but Instagram already is. You can mark your own posts like your high school teacher used to mark your essays by using the Instagram editing tools. Easy, no? I’m breathless. Out of breath with excitement.

I’m well and truly running out of gas. Got to start thinking about closing off this post. What makes your story telling that much easier is telling it to folks who have that interest already. Whether you’re drawing them in as followers or connecting with them as a follower yourself (as you should be doing), you’re looking to work and network with like-minded guys and dolls. Well, I like to think that I really enjoyed writing up this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it too.

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