IG is an acronym for Instagram. The more familiar and much-loved – or much used – abbreviation is Insta. Numerous other abbreviations remain necessary in order to send out the right hashtag appropriate to any one business. But such hash-tagging exercises need to be carried out with caution. But further to that, at the latest count, no less than ten customary IG, Insta or Instagram hacks were detected to help active platformers get real Instagram followers onto their platform.

In keeping with cautionary use, Instagram platformers should treat these hacks as good ideas for their platform. For the time being, they have been billed as ‘attention-getting ideas’. These are ideas that are, indeed, going to help you with the creation of effective hashtags, captions and, what is more, your profile. The profile is often neglected with the excuse being that platform users’ schedules are just too busy. You know the old saying; if you do not have the time, then make the time.

All it requires is just a few minutes of review and revision. This is necessary to ensure that your profile or biographical page remains up to date, seeing that your business should continue to evolve. Part of the evolution is seeing the number of new followers coming on board your platform. An important feature of these experimental hacks (as guidance tools if you will) is being able to monitor what posts on your Instagram platform is attracting the most followers. Variety remains the spice of life.

So it stands to good reason that you will be mixing things up to prolong stimulation and interest in your enterprise. But of course, there will be those of you who stick to routine formulas. This, of course, is dependent on the kind of business you are running. If its nuts and bolts you are selling, then you should know by now that so many story possibilities are imminent. There must be hundreds of different kinds of nuts and bolts out there. Of course, if your inventory, for all practical intents and purposes, is going to remain deliberately limited, the broadness of your story-telling regime remains essential.

To emphasize, this is to continue retaining the interest in your business. All fresh news ensures that your platform never grows stale, even though you are keeping to the same theme. To talk about those lamenting over just how little time they have to spend perfecting and improving how their platform works, and to emphasize that there is nowhere to run and hide where excuses are concerned, just know that you have all the help you can get. For example, Instagram has numerous affiliations that struggling platformers can latch onto. One case in point is Ins-Grow. This service interacts with new followers on your own behalf. There is potential for even more people following and liking and commenting and interacting with your platform without your direct input. But it has to be wondered whether this will be a smart idea.

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