I have an Instagram platform which is reaping its dividends. I could pat myself on the back for this because it is all down to me, my attitude and the hard work I was prepared to put into the setting up of my online operation. But I have to say that none of this would have been possible if I did not follow any of the practical and strategic exercises that are all par for the course of an Instagram-based marketing and advertising campaign. Given the constraints of time and space, I can only share with you half a dozen of these exercises.

Go through them and see if it makes any sense to you. The six ways that can help you improve your Instagram following are; use Instagram’s free tools, use links and landing pages, engage with your viewers and ask your existing followers for their feedback, focus on local markets and plan your work properly.

Apart from taking note of guides on how to gain more followers on Instagram, do make good use of instagram’s free tools. For example, instagram’s Layout app is a practical tool to help you create good looking images to complement your texts or publish step by step guides.

A standard procedure, particularly when you are setting up your first platform and during the initial phases of your posting regime, will be the strategic use of your links and landing pages. You need to make this a regular exercise of your posting regime. Viewers and new followers need to be able to follow through to your business website.

While this exercise may appear to be entirely emotive, the active engagement with your viewers and future followers is technically-oriented and a highly productive exercise. Part of the tech work, very easy to practice, is linking your work directly to alternative sites that have much in common with you commercially and will continue to be of benefit to your future customers.

Effective marketing and advertising work does need timely feedback from your followers. This, however, is something that you, as lead influencer, need to initiate. I am always conscious of what my followers may be thinking of. I can never truly know what they think unless I ask them.

For first-time entrepreneurs, even when operating from a software-based platform, going local does have daunting prospects when seeking to establish a niche network, but the long-term goal, when reached, can be quite rewarding.

And a key component for the successful running of any business is good organization, of which extensive planning and preparation work forms an integral part.

There you go, six worthy exercises that you could sink your teeth into as early as tonight. Initially, the work may seem laborious but once you have completed the spadework and laid the foundations, you can just as well press the elevator button that indicates the top floor. It is quite possible if you are prepared to dedicate yourself to the work.

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