Here is a short post which I hope will be of value to you. I’m giving you no less than six tips on how to get real followers on Instagram. And I certainly hope that you are all using this platform today. If not, perhaps now would be a good time to sign up and start composing your profile. It is very easy to do and it will only take up a few moments of your time. So too, the reading of this short note.

The six tips I’m giving you today run as follows. You will need to write descriptive captions for your photos and you will also need to start interacting with leading influencers, particularly if you are just starting out.

You will need to be effective with housekeeping. For example, you could receive a lot of tagged photos that you do not wish to see on your platform. For this, you will need to get used to using Instagram’s editing tools. Furthermore, while you are setting up your account, you might want to adjust all your platform’s settings before you proceed with regular posting work. Also, because this is going to be your platform going forward and because you will want to stand out, you need to develop your own Instagram style.

Finally, if you are starting out as a small business entrepreneur, you might wish to focus on local markets, in spite of the potential that Instagram gives you for global outreach.

Every time you take a photo with your mobile device and store it to your Instagram profile, practice writing up descriptive captions. Tell a brief story behind the picture in order to help generate real engagement and the sharing of your work.

When you are just starting out, it is a good idea to link up with leading influencers in your niche. Not only do you learn from the best, you also get to see how your product or service is trending and what potential followers have to say about these.

It is very easy to learn how to edit your Instagram profile and platform. You go to the Edit Tags tab in order to remove all unwanted tagged photos from your platform. Your adjusted settings during your Instagram account preparation will help you to achieve this objective of a clean and organized look to your platform.

Learning how to develop and create a unique impression may take time but the work is quite easy. The thing is, you have so many Instagram tools to play around with before you make your brand creation the final product and take it live. Zoning into local markets is also quite easy. On your Instagram platform, you will visit your Places tab. You then tap in the area; town or city name you want to focus on. After that, you will be able to see the latest happening trends to help you out with your local market research.

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