This is just a brief demonstration of what can be achieved if you utilize the world’s most popular social media platform expeditiously, actively and inventively. If your characteristic traits and work ethic is ambitious yet focused, grounded and indicative of discipline, then there is no reason to suggest that you will fail. Apart from these six pointers, there will be many others that you will discover as you bury, or should that read; immerse yourself in emphasized research and development on how to grow Instagram followers on your platform.

The points being highlighted in this brief article are as follows. The purchasing of followers (there are lots of sites out there such as Buzzoid which allow you to buy Instagram followers and likes), the creation of hashtags and the utilization of one of Instagram’s great tools, the auto-response button, the acquisition of a hack tool and how you could utilize it to advantage, branding exercises and your planning and preparation work.

Thorough research is required to ensure that you are purchasing followers that are not entirely dispassionate bots. The attitude to take, let it always be positive, is that you are not buying followers as such, but rather full exposure to your platform. Sooner, rather than later, you will be attracting what is best known as real or active followers to your platform.

Be creative in how you create your regular hashtags. Correlate this exercise with your branding exercise. What you will be doing here is creating a recognizable tag that active visitors to the Instagram platform will quickly latch onto and subsequently, they may finally be persuaded to become an active follower on your platform.

Auto-responses are necessary. Install this tool and you will be eliminating a lot of wasted time trying to track positive responses to your regular posts. Careful research is required in finding a hack tool that corresponds closely with your set objectives. The hack tool is only really valid if you are going to be monitoring high volumes of traffic and the activities of hundreds, if not, thousands of followers. So perhaps this pointer could be discarded for now if you have only just subscribed and your following is modest at best.

Create a brand that is entirely relevant to your business. Keep that familiar image a positive one. Exploit Instagram’s existing software toolkit to coincide your brand with that of the social media giant’s. Viewers will first identify with Instagram before they reach you.

One of the keys to success on your Instagram platform will be the regularity of your activities. You will be immersing yourself in work that is wide-ranging and far reaching. Different strategies and approaches will be tried out to stimulate fresh interest among current and future followers. Keep a proper diary of your events at least a month before you plan to go live with a post. Prior to that, you can factor in time to continue working on your promotional post and making it perfect.

Now it is over to you to put these above-given exercises to the test. Good luck with that.

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